Also know as Kaśka. The main originator of places and routes. Fan of reading (does not read guides only) and planning. In life and on the go, she likes to have a well-organized day, but it’s probably because of her German roots. In addition to traveling and blogging, she loves to dance.


A man thanks to which plans and ideas go to the implementation stage. He cares ex. about how we could go somewhere, how to move around or how to pay. A lover of coffee and technology in life and on the go, making both often easier and more enjoyable.


From January 2018, with a smile and understanding, she accepts more or less crazy ideas of her parents. A fantastic companion of all kinds of expeditions, constantly winning us the favor and kindness of others. In life and on the go, an amateur of dogs, birds, other children, food and Asians.


Rodzinnie z Ryśkami przez świat

We used to live together in Italy; then we toured the world almost around. Now, the three of us continue the adventure. We started with a 100 days road trip around USA so we are probably the first polish family who has traveled the whole road 66 backwards 🙂 We already have visited 33 countries as a couple and 3 in a family of three. When we are not travelling the world, we are happy to meet for coffee in Cracow, Poland.

We like everything „THE” – THE highest buildings, THE oldest settlements, THE largest lakes, THE most beautiful views, THE most known or THE weirdest, THE least, THE lowest, THE coldest … Such places we want to visit THE most and travel there THE cheapest:)

So you will not find any hotel or restaurant reviews here because we do not go to such places. The exceptions are the cozy cafes (especially those in Krakow;), because Rysiek is a coffee fan. Instead, we will show you willingly, where and how we found cheap accommodation, what we cook on our trips or what are the free attractions in the area.


For families who, reading low-budget travel blogs, think: „But we have children”. For couples who, travelling low-cost, hear that when children appear, it will end;) Finally, for all who love to travel 🙂 and want to do it cheaper 🙂

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